Becoming CMAS

A straightforward process. You have two choices!

You can submit your application online, by clicking the image shown below, OR  you can click the other image to download our Candidate Handbook and fill it out on paper, sending it in by fax or snail mail.

In either case, you should get the Candidate Handbook anyway!

Either method will automatically sign you up to take the CMAS exam. 

We now offer an online version of the exam, so you can take it anywhere, virtually any time. 

Finally, don’t forget to go take care of your fees, HERE!

Apply Online

This page includes explanations of what we require of a candidate to achieve CMAS certification, and offers an online form to apply.

Go to the Online Application
Candidate Handbook - 2018 Edition

This PDF includes explanations of the CCMA and what we require of a candidate to achieve CMAS certification. It also explains the Examination Procedures, lists the Core Curriculum Domains, a list of study resources and the CMAS Certification Application Form.

Download the PDF (380 kB)